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The City of Lithgow, population 20,842 at the 2021 Census and with an area of 4567 sq km, is 150 km west of Sydney, and was named after William Lithgow. Some places of interest are the World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park and Wollemi National Park (home of the Jurassic-age Wollemi Pine), and Gardens of Stone National Park.

There are also numerous state forests such as Newnes, Ben Bullen and Wolgan (all now part of the Gardens of Stone conservation area). Although founded in 1824, it was not until the Western Railway Line was constructed to Lithgow in 1869, that the town prospered.

Wallerawang Power Station and its ash dam Wallerawang Power Station and its ash dam

Heavy industry in the Lithgow area consists of Mount Piper coal-fired power station, (the now decommissioned) Wallerawang power station, and coal mines. Mount Piper power station currently draws its water from the Cox's River (which flows into Warragamba Dam) and their coal locally.

Map of the Lithgow Area (with LGA boundary)


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